Latest campaign report - Scott $12 million, McCollum $163,000
Q-poll McCollum 39, Scott 35

Miami Herald - McCollum 45, Scott 36

Mccolumfin The Miami Herald is reporting that Bill McCollum has a 9 point lead over Rick Scott in the GOP primary for Florida governor.

The poll from Mason-Dixon suggests that McCollum's effort to cast doubt about Scott's honesty may be working among likely Republican primary voters.

Expect the Scott folks to quickly come back saying they expected to the race to tighten, they always knew it would be close and they still expect to win.

And Scott just might win. Voters have been unpredictable this year and a lot depends on voter turnout. Scott's team believes a high turnout gives him the nomination.

You can hear Crowley Political Report's take on the results during To the Point after Meet the Press on WPTV-5 at 10 a.m. Sunday.


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