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Washington Post takes a look at Jeff Greene

JeffGreene Jeff Greene gets a long profile in the Washington Post today. The reported flies in Greene's private jet, hangs out at the Palm Beach mansion and follows him to various condo campaign stops.

In any other year, Florida voters might have written off the frenetic, unpolished candidacy of the 55-year-old billionaire as yet another footnote in the list of fabulously rich businessmen who self-fund a run for higher office in midlife. Voters may still do just that.

But Greene's campaign for the Democratic nomination is looking less quixotic by the day.

It is a fairly typical reporter from-out-of-town story. Read things that have already been written by Florida newspapers, spend a couple of days traveling with the candidate, grab a couple of quotes from interesting locals, write.

Read the full story here.


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I found the piece very enlightening. Loved the quotes from Ron Howard.


I found the piece very enlightening. Loved the quotes from Ron Howard.

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