Less than a minute into debate - Greene attacks Meek
Democratic leaders rip Jeff Greene

Slugfest between Meek and Greene ends and the winner is

Democratic voters who listened to the debate between Jeff Greene and Kendrick Meek now face an interesting choice.

Greene may have surprised some folks. He proved to be an able debater. Meek, also may have surprised some folks. He too proved to be an able debater.

They clearly don't like each other. The barbs tossed back and forth had a bitter, personal edge.

Who won?

You have to give it to Greene. He wasn't perfect but it was an impressive performance for someone with little experience in debates.  He stayed on message, didn't get flustered, and he was very aggressive.

Those who wondered whether Greene has the chops to run statewide may have gotten the assurance they needed.

And the fact that Meek, for the most part, held his own really adds nothing to his campaign. As the frontrunner who reminded everyone that he has been running for more than 18 months, Meek would be expected to show-up the new kid. Meek didn't do that.


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Meek is the only individual in the race who has a clear grasp and understanding of the issues we face. Anyone who has spoken with him face to face can vouch for his sincerity and intelligence. His personal history makes it obvious that he is running for this position because of his passion for Florida, and not for personal gain. After making millions, Greene now is apparently jonesing for a self-serving political career.

Lori Masucci

It's interesting that we're even having debates and discussing who won them when there is only one Democrat in this race. What exactly does Mr Greene offer that is in any way in line with my family's liberal, progressive values?

Real Dems 4 Meek

Kendrick Meek is the ONLY candidate in this race that appears not to be in it for himself. If he REALLY was a career politician, like Greene says he is, then he would not have left his safe congressional seat. Meek has proven to the people of Florida that he is ready to lead this state.

Dems can't forget Greene ran for US Congress in California as a Regan Republican!!!

Meek = Integrity/Bold Leadership/Action

Greene = Deception/Opportunism/Scumbag

Jay Raskin

Kendrick Meek was fantastic. He is very honest, straightforward and impressive. Green reminded me of George Bush, a conservative frat boy who has no thought of anybody but helping himself and his wealthy friends steal even more money from the working class


Meek definitely won. All Greene has is talking about Meek's mother, that is like Glenn Beck trashing Obama's children. It is bad taste and irrelevant. Meanwhile, Greene made millions and millions while he was "protecting his investments." I'm sorry Mr. Greene but I'm sure those who lost their homes and equity wish that you would have be more noble. Not only that but all of Greene's talking points smack of republican ideology: no pull out time for war, supporting civil unions rather than marriage, and fear mongering about have an 8month year old in a time of turmoil (which, by the way, if this is so then why would you choose to bring a child into this world of turmoil???)

Meek is clearly the most experienced and stands on his principles.

Ms. Sybil Schweitzer

I first learned about Rep. Kendrick Meek on C-span when he addressed Congress. We were new to Florida at the time but I filed his name away in my memory bank after being very impressed with his grasp of the issues. After learning he was running for Senate, and had to do it by petition, running a grass-roots campaign, I supported his dedication.
I consider Jeff Greene a spoiler who jumped on board late in the game and doesn't bring anything to the table except his own financial fortune. How sad! It will be Florida's loss if a capable politician like Kendrick Meek loses to vested interests and money,one more example of the nadir of politics in America. Corruption and cronyism rule. It's even worse in the G.O.P.
It's clear, after watching this debate, that Meek is better qualified and will care about all Floridians. He is an ethical, hard working man who deserves to win. I wish him the best, but after living in Citrus County for 5 years, it hurts to say that while I support Kendrick and will vote for him in the primaries,I don't think he will be our next Senator.
Charlie Crist would be my second choice.

Long time Floridian

Were you even there? It was not even close. Jeff Greene is simply not qualified to be a US Senator. He can not buy the votes of Floridians.


Kendrick Meek was the clear winner. All Jeff Greene showed was that money cannot buy you answers to the tough questions that now face Florida. The economy, job creation, BP oil spill response, etc. etc. etc.


I do not see how you could say that Jeff Greene was the winner. Yes he did a decent job debating Kendrick, but all he did was state his talking points. He said he was the only candidate that would be able to create jobs but gave no plan of action to make that a reality. Kendrick on the other hand gave clear answers with plans for jobs, energy reform and immigration reform. The only thing Jeff Greene did was prove he is not a viable candidate for Senate.

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