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Newt Gingrich, who was recently in Poland promoting a documentary about Pope John Paul II, left heavenly things behind long enough today to endorse Bill McCollum for governor.

Not a terribly shocking endorsement. Gingrich and McCollum were in Congress together.

“At a time when the size and scope of government is increasing at an alarming rate, our nation is looking for leaders who will fight for the principles of limited government, fiscal restraint and economic and personal freedom.  Floridians have such a leader in Bill McCollum,” Gingrich said.

Earlier this month, Gingrich, a former Baptist who became a Catholic last year, was in Warsaw promoting the documentary film Nine Days that Changed the World. The film is about a visit Pope John Paul II made to his native Poland in 1979 that helped set the stage for the eventual ouster of the communist government.

Gingrich might want to spend some time reading Gary Fineout's report about McCollum's "rookie mistakes."  It appears that McCollum may need some advise from the former Speaker of the House.


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