Excerpts from call taped by Delmar Johnson
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Greer, Crist, Eikenberg topics of taped phone call

In an earlier Crowley Political Report post just below this one, there are excerpts from a taped phone call between Delmar Johnson and Jim Greer.

That post looks mainly at the part of the conversation where Greer wonders who is out to get them and what they can do to stop it.

In between chatting about lawyers, possible investigations and the need to stay close to each other the two men wander off on a variety of topics.

Greer complains that Eric Eikenberg, Crist's then campaign manger and former chief-of staff, "won't return my phone calls much anymore." Greer also predicts that Eikenberg will be fired, "I think that will happen soon because they are just not happy."

Greer says Gov. Charlie Crist called him a few nights earlier asking for Greer's advice about running as an independent. Greer and Johnson toss the idea around but agree that it would be tough for Crist to do.

Greer also asks Johnson if the Florida GOP paid any part of Crist's wedding. Johnson says, "no" and Greer calls the rumors about it "ridiculous."

As their converstion comes to an end, Greer laments that people are avoiding them.

"Why do you think people are treating us this way?" asks Greer.

"They are just keeping thier heads down," says Johnson.

Then as the two men say goodbye, Johnson who was taping the phone call for investigators and is the godfather of Greer's son Aidan asked Greer to "kiss my Godson for me."


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Charlie Crist ordered the federal investigation months ago, Rubio is still holding onto his ‘09 tax returns which could reveal interesting repercussions!

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