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Democratic leaders rip Jeff Greene

Donkr Clearly there are a lot of folks in the leadership of the Florida Democratic Party who just resent the hell out of Jeff Greene.

The come-out-of-nowhere Palm Beach billionaire is getting slapped because they believe Greene is dismissive of the Democratic Party.

Greene has struggled with explaining his recent conversion to the party and Florida Democrats can be forgiven for assuming that Greene made the move as part of an opportunistic effort to "buy" a U.S. Senate seat.

Thirty party leaders signed the letter which is on the next page.

Dear Mr. Greene,

As leaders in the Democratic Party throughout Florida, we are very concerned by what appears to be very cavalier statements you made to the Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times about your affiliation to the Democratic Party.

The Herald/Times reports that you ran for Congress in 1982 as a conservative Republican; that you changed your Republican Party affiliation in 1992 and only became a registered Democrat in Florida in 2008 after moving here from California.

The newspaper reports that at a candidate forum in Sarasota, you stated, “Whether I was a Republican or Democrat, who cares?”

Mr. Greene, as Democratic leadership, we deeply care.  We welcome Republicans and Independents to join the Democratic Party and are proud of the gains our party has made in 2008, 2009, and this year in voter registration.  As a candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate you would become a leader in our party and would be expected to clarify the stark differences and values between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  Furthermore, you would be expected to be an advocate for why voters should choose the Democratic Party over the Republican Party.

We as Democrats are fighting hard to defend and protect the interests of middle class Florida families who have suffered mightily at the hands of Wall Street.

We as Democrats have lived through over a decade of heavy-handed, wrongheaded policies carried out by a Republican president and governors.

We as Democrats demand that our leaders fight for comprehensive health reform, vigorously oppose its repeal, and stand for progressive ideals including a woman’s right to choice and privacy, comprehensive energy reform, and a responsible end to America’s two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Political parties do matter, and we take our Democratic values very seriously, and we hope you do too.

Since you are seeking the Democratic nomination in this race, we urge you not to be dismissive of our Democratic Party.


Beth McMillen, Chair Brevard County

John Schmitt, Vice Chair Brevard County

Nancy Hurlbert, Chair Lake County

Mark Manera, Chair Indian River County

Pam Director, State Committeewoman Indian River County

Pat Kemp, Chair Hillsborough County

Zebe Schmitt, Chair and State Committee woman Gulf County

Mark Alan Siegel, Chair Palm Beach County

Roz Odell, Chair Citrus County

Mike Gudis, State Committeeman Citrus County

Gladys Roann, Chair Jefferson County

Rhett Bullard, Chair Hamilton County

Carmen Torres, Vice Chair Orange County, DNC Member, Secretary, Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida

Nancy C. Jacobson, State Committeewoman Orange County,  DNC Member

Ron Rice, State Committeeman, Pasco County

Chris Lomas, Chair Seminole County

Daisy Black,  Region 7 Director, Democratic County Chairs Association and 1st Vice Chair, Miami Dade County

Phil Morton, State Committeeman Nassau County
Jon Reiskind, Chair Alachua County
Allen T Schwartz MD, Chair Sumter County

Bill McCormick, State Committeeman St. Johns County

Monica Tannehill, State Committeewoman Suwanee County
Karen Welzel, Chair Polk County
James F. Turner, Jr. Chair/State Committeeman Escambia County, Region 1 Director, Florida Democratic County Chairs Association
Ron Smith, Chairman Brevard County DEC Minority Outreach Committee
Marbeth Ramirez, Membership Chair Palm Bay Democratic Club
Edith Owens, President  Miami-Gardens Democratic Club

Barbara S. Effman, President West Broward Democratic Club

Susan Smith, President, Northwest Hillsborough Democratic Club

Shirley Aaron, Past-President Havana Democratic Club


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