Six-tenth of a Charlie Crist
Excerpts from call taped by Delmar Johnson

Delmar Johnson trades "controlled phone calls" for freedom

Delmar Johnson III got a nice deal from prosecutors investigating former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer and the company he set up with Johnson - Victory Strategies LLC.

According to a report  by the Orlando Sentinel, Johnson, the party's former executive director, got "No prison. No probation. No fine. No criminal record." Johnson does have to pay back $65,000 he was accused of stealing from the Republican Party.

Greer was arrested and charged with six felonies. Greer says he did nothing wrong. Prosecutors say Greer got $125,000 from Victory Strategies - money paid by the RPOF. Greer is fighting the charges.

Buried in the Orlando Sentinel story is this nugget - Johnson agreed to make "controlled telephone calls" for the investigation.

Which leaves us wondering - Did Johnson call anyone besides Greer?



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