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Yacht buyers love new Florida sales tax break

Much excitement at about the new jobs bill approved by the Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Charlie Crist.

Tucked into the bill is a cap on sales taxes for boats. Now, only the first $300,000 of the price is taxed, limiting the tax to $18,000.  Not that the state needs the money.

Frank Herhold, executive director of Marine Industries Association of South Florida, is quoted in saying:

 “Florida, always a popular place to purchase a vessel, immediately becomes more attractive for those contemplating purchases over $300,000 with the Boat Sales Tax Cap passed at the very end of the 2010 Legislative Session. . .Our bill is an important part of the Jobs for Florida economic development package and will serve as a Florida marine industry economic stimuli initiative.”

The boat above belongs to Florida resident Tiger Woods. CPR suspects it cost a bit more than $300,000.


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How silly is that? You can barely buy a dinghy for $18,000.

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