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Salon: Kendrick Meek, the odd man out in Florida?

KendrickMeekFORWEB Joy-Ann Reid takes a lenghty in-depth look at Florida's Democratic U.S. Senate primary and probes into questions about the strength of U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek's campaign for Salon.

Crowley Political Report is among the many who are interviewed for the Salon story.

Some excerpts from Salon

When he announced his Senate run last January, four-term Miami Rep. Kendrick Meek had a lot going for him: a former president for a pal, prodigious fundraising (with Bill Clinton's help), a solid political pedigree, and with the nation's first black president sitting in the White House, a chance to make a little history of his own.

Instead, Meek has been a bit player in the drama surrounding the meteoric rise of former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, who started running five months after Meek, and Rubio's takedown of Florida's once unsinkable governor, Charlie Crist.

Polls show Meek stuck in the teens in a three-way race and losing significant Democratic support to Crist. Some Democrats are starting to whisper -- or say outright -- that it might be time to abandon Meek and back the well-known, well-liked governor, in order to prevent the far-right Rubio from winning in November.

Meek's campaign, not surprisingly, insists that their struggles will prove short-lived.

"For sure, Gov. Crist is initially polling strongly in a three-way race for the simple reason that Kendrick Meek is not widely known at this point in the campaign," said Meek campaign manager Abe Dyk. "But the apparent strength that Gov. Crist is currently registering in polls will not last."

Make sure you read the full Salon story. It really is excellent.


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