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Robert Wexler - ambassador to Israel?

Former Congressman Robert Wexler may be leaving his Middle East think tank to become the new ambassador to Israel.

Politico is reporting speculation that the Obama administration is about to offer the post to the "fire-breathing liberal."

In a recent conversation with Wexler, he alluded to the fact that he may be making a career change in the not to distant future. Beyond that Wexler would say no more.

Wexler is a close friend of independent Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and there has been wide speculation that Wexler would endorse Crist. Being an ambassador may preclude a direct endorsement but Wexler's South Florida politcal team - led by Eric Johnson - is already helping Crist.

It will become very clear to South Florida's Jewish voters that their beloved Wexler wouldn't mind seeing Crist in the U.S. Senate. They'll get the message whether Wexler is in Washington or Israel.


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