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Not a good day on the campaign trail

Claude pepper jeep

Claude Pepper represented Florida in the U.S. Senate from 1936 to 1951. He lost reelection after a bitter Democratic primary battle with George Smathers who accused Pepper of being too friendly with communists especially Stalin.

Pepper returned to elected office with a successful run for Congress in 1962 where he stayed until his death in 1989.

Crowley Political Report has the above photo but not the details.


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Brian E. Crowley

Nice find RV. I did a quick search and found a Miami News story in Dec. 1950.

The driver, Roddenbery, was from Tampa. From the story: He faced trial in criminal court here (WPB) on a charge of reckless driving and causing an accident and personal injury, but the jury hearing the case failed to agree and Judge E. G. Newell declared it a mistrial Dec. 4.

Two men in the car hit by the jeep filed a lawsuit for injuries - Earl Alloway and Frank Rivell.

Republican victims?

Just noticed that the jeep was "Donated by Veterans."

Looking closer at the picture- that poor kid must have been hurt badly!

Republican victims?

From the Palm Beach Post archives:

April, 1950

Pierre Roddenbery, 19 was driving the jeep "14 miles north of West Palm Beach" when he collided with another vehicle injuring two of its passengers.

Roddenberry was charged with reckless driving. Pepper was named in the $150,000 lawsuit.

No word on the extent of injuries.

John Van Gieson

Contact Claude Pepper Center at FSU. Tom herndon is a honcho there.

Brian E. Crowley

Smathers did call him "Red Pepper" during the campaign.

Smathers also attacked Pepper in 1950 for supporting universal health care.

Dana Pickard

"Red" Pepper, as I believe he was known!

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