Not a good day on the campaign trail
Crist finds more ways to annoy GOP lawmakers

New Rick Scott ad talks about HCA and slaps at McCollum

RickScott The new ad (on the next page) starts with a close-up of Rick Scott saying, "Bill McCollum has been in politics 30 years. You'd think he'd want to talk about his record instead he's just attacking me. That's what career politicians do."

Scott then goes on to say he is "going to do something politicians won't, give you the unvarnished truth."

Whatever the "unvarnished truth" is, politically Scott is smart to hit back fast.

 In the 1994 race for governor, Democrat Lawton Chiles attacked Republican Jeb Bush late in the campaign. Bush was slow to respond and by the time he did the Chiles attack was already hurting Bush's campaign.

Scott's continuing barrage of ads has got to be a growing concern for McCollum. The two Republican candidates for governor continue to be mismatched with Scott spending far more money than McCollum.

Even with outside help, this race could get very close. Of course the flip side of all this is if Scott spends all this cash but stays well behind McCollum, Scott will be remembered as a rich-guy who should have given him money to charity.




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