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Penhead On Wednesday Crowley Political Report issued a FALLING COCONUT ALERT! after an email was released from Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum's campaign manager Matt Williams containing a line that said of Scott:  "This is a man who barely escaped imprisonment..."

CPR checked and could find nothing that suggested that Scott "barely escaped imprisonment" in connection with the federal investigation and $1.7 billion fine that hit Columbia/HCA for Medicare fraud. Scott, a millionaire Naples businessman, is challenging McCollum for the GOP nomination for governor.

Scott was forced to resign from the company.

PolitiFact has checked into the McCollum campaign email and gave it a Fail on its Truth-o-Meter. After a lengthy discussion of the facts PolitiFact concludes:

McCollum's statement was that Scott "barely escaped imprisonment," but the fact is he was never indicted, and the only individuals convicted of wrongdoing associated with the Columbia/HCA ultimately had those convictions tossed out. The corporate convictions aren't tied to any individual and carry only fines, not prison time. While one ABC News report does say he was a target of an investigation, that doesn't translate to barely escaping a prison sentence. We rate McCollum's claim False.


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