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Greene: no opinion on gay marriage

Jeff Greene spoke today at Century Village in West Palm Beach offering the usual "stand by Israel," no nukes for Iran, lobbyists are bad, businessmen are good, career politicians are bad, speech that everyone gives.

The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate lost a bit of Palm Beach County street cred when he mispronoucned Boca Raton - a malady that has spread in recent years. Raton is not prounced like "baton." It is pronounced like "phone" or as in Al "Capone."

Anyway, someone in the crowd asked Greene if he supports gay marriage. After a bit of a pause Greene said, "I haven't formed an opinion yet on gay marriage."

Later Greene was asked about the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Green said "America should be ashamed" of that policy.


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