Liberal Democrats love Arizona Law
Meek on MSNBC blasts Crist

Florida ranks 6th among the most corrupt states

So says the Daily Beast which found a few clouds over the Sunshine State when they studied statistics for such crimes as public corruption, extortion, fraud and embezzlement.

An example they site is this:

 In Florida, one recent Medicare fraud case soars to new heights. By all appearances Ihosvany Marquez was a legitimate businessman interested in community health, running eight health clinics in Miami and Orange County.

But each clinic, in fact, had a fake owner who would sign for fraudulent charges for expensive treatments such as infusion therapy and injection therapy.

 Marquez then laundered the money through a car dealership and check cashing stores, to the tune of $61 million in total claims. Marquez used his windfall to live the high life, buying luxury cars, including a Lamborghini Gallardo, investing in racehorses and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry.

Interesting how the words "Medicare fraud" keep popping up in this election year.

Find out more at the Daily Beast.


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