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Eric Eikenberg departs

CPR has known Eric Eikenberg since he first started running campaigns for former Republican Congressman E. Clay Shaw of Fort Lauderdale.

They were always tough races. At one point in 2000, he called as the polls were closing sounding worried. "I think we lost."

Eric was wrong. Shaw won that race by 599 votes. But it was a sign that Shaw's political future would be drawing to a close.

As a young guy, Eric, now 34, was always way ahead of his contemporaries. He is the kind of guy that will let you spell his first name with a "k" a couple of times before gently telling you it's with a "c."

The St. Pete Times has an excellent story today about Eric. This is his last day as campaign manager for Charlie Crist.

It will be interesting to see where he lands next.


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Ben Starling

I have known Eric for many years... he is an incredible guy and always a gentleman.

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