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Debates and the billionaire rule

Got a press release from Jeff Greene.  He is challenging U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek to a series of debates over who should be the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate.

This happens every election cycle. One candidate issues a challenge and the other ignores it usually with a comment something like, "there's plenty of time to debate." 

Rarely does the challenge come from the frontrunner whose handlers will say their opponent simply wants to raise his stature by getting on the same stage.

So what should Meek do? Let's create the billionaire exception to conventional political strategy - if your opponent is going to spend a small fortune in his effort to defeat you he's already buying the stage - debate him.

It would probably shock the Greene campaign which most likely expects Meek to decline so Greene start running ads saying Meek refuses to discuss the issues.

An added bonus to accepting for Meek is that it would shift some of the media attention away from independent Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican Marco Rubio.


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