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Crist hires his sister as campaign manager

This is the kind of move that usually happens when someone is in their first race for a local office - Gov. Charlie Crist has hired his sister, Margaret Crist Wood,  to run his new independent campaign for U.S. Senate.

Crist met with the St. Pete Times editorial board and, according to the The Buzz, when asked if he needed a seasoned pro, Crist said: "No. You know what you need? I’ve learned I've learned this in the last month - Somebody who’s loyal, really, honest, that cares about you, and is smart and tough. My older sister Margaret has always been that."

St. Pete's Adam Smith described the Crist interview as "a fascinating and wide-ranging talk." You should go to The Buzz and learn what Crist thinks about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, and much more.


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