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Crist doomed, race over, voters can stay home

Nice try Charlie but the new Rasmussen poll shows you're toast.

NPA Gov. Charlie Crist - 31, Republican Marco Rubio 39, Democrat Kendrick Meek 18

Hard to believe that just two weeks ago, Crist was at 38, Rubio at 34.

Of course it's all kind of silly. Rasmussen only polled 500 likely voters - a very small sample - with a margin of error of 4.5 percent which means Crist could be slightly ahead with 35.5 to Rubio's 34.5.

Read the fine print folks. The most important thing about these polls is that Rasmussen and Mason-Dixon get to promote their companies and bring in the paying clients.

So what's really happening? Most voters are still on the sidelines, casually waching the race as if it is spring training. They shift from side to side without any real commitment. But as soon as we get into the finals they'll start taking it a lot more seriously.

Still, these polls - right or wrong - have an impact on the perception of a race and they can affect a campaign's activists and fundraisers.

So the mere reporting of the poll helps Rubio, hinders Crist and leaves people wondering if Meek is really in the race.


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Peter Schorsch

Exclusive: NYC Mayor Bloomberg considering supporting Crist's indy bid 4 Senate.

No more for Charlie

Go, Marco, Go!

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