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where are the comments? are you preaching to the choir?

Debbie Wasserman "Schmutz"* is a pathological liar. She voted for Obama care which penalizes Seniors in SOFL $500 billion in MEDICARE CUTS.
ALLEN WEST did not, which is what she deceptively pontificated on the House Floor.

She namecalls, not just West: She called the GOP the "party who hates women". The GOP gals are not impressed with her.

Col West wants to save Medicare and SS long term. HIS VOTE DOES NOT AFFECT ANYONE OVER 55. HER VOTE IS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Wasserman Schmutz is Boiler Plate.

She'll be gone behind the coat tails of the ill-prepared indolent illegally eligible POTUS, next election.

Wasserman Schmutz is a Jewish Embarrassment. I can say it; I am Jewish and know who makes us proud & who defames our reputation.

As Michelle Malkin said, She is Alan Grayson in a dress and Anthony Weiner in a bra and panties!

*Used by Jewish mothers to identify that you've got some kind of crap on your face.

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