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I recently requested records from the OIG of Florida DCF. Its been a battle of whits. The request was for those pertaining to my own filed complaints. Mr. Jackson the 'Open Office' contact, attorney, backed a large bill for access to my own records. I then asked for an itemized record to reduce the cost. The list came in the form of "emails" complaint, complaint, etc. It was recommended I go to the Attorney General who hold 'mediations' to obtain records. What they do not tell the public is they represent the agencies by law, and by doing so appear to place themselves into a position that allows them to gather information not otherwise obtained from the seeker of the files. I suggested this was a conflict of interest, severly and was told no it was not. It is of course however, the AG appears to take advantage of the lack of understanding by the General Public to its position. I have yet to obtain the records.

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