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Wow, I wonder what the requirements are for writing for this site. A pulse? That can't be it, because that leaves the possibility of a brain...Obama was a FRESHMAN Senator who gave one speech, and his complete imcompetance is showing with soaring unemployment, inflation through the roof, unprecetented debt, and complete inability to pass any reasonable legislation with complete control of the senate and the house. Rubio has been in a representative in the house in Florida much longer than in DC, which means he is more than ready for the White House. Maybe he will replace this baffoon who the media and ignorants weap over, and bring some deceny back to the office of the President.

Get Smart

I second the nomination of Marco Rubio for President!


There are no political requirements for running for President. We'd be better off if we ended the philosophy that politician is a career.

David Kalat

I didn't vote for Obama. I think he has done a miserable job. His $819 billion Stimulus Package is a bust.

I like Rubio. He is all the American values that Obama is not.


Really? He isn't ready? And Obama was? Wow...what a stretch. Mr. Community Organizer with so little in the way of practical experience in...ANYTHING is qualified and Rubio isn't. More extremist left wing bologna (nice word for what's being dumped on us and has been dumped on us by the LameStream Press for over 2 years).

Rubio in 2012!!!

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