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You people are hilarious. Allan West took gun fire are you kidding me. Check out who this guy is for yourself. He left his military status to our country because he disgraced himself. Conviction principle are you kidding me... he uses the same thug tactics that Bush used. This guys a joke and I've already started campaigning for Lois. GO LOIS... GOOOOO West back to Texas Allen. You are a disgrace to our democracy.


If you review Lois Frankel's years in the Florida House, she never missed an opportunity to spend money and increase regulation -- a classic liberal progressive. She will position herself as a moderate for all people, but she is clearly "tax, control, and spend".
The 'Queen of Mean' helped her chief of staff get elected, and later personally attacked her to win back her old seat. Throw friends under the bus to get elected? The choice couldn't be clearer. Allen West has proven his integrity, vision, patriotism, and leadership ability. Allen West is the real deal.

Michele Hickford

Who knows if Frankel "isn't a racist?" Certainly her voting record in the state legislature supports every liberal-progressive policy that only serves to maintain, not change the status quo for minorities. But that's not the point.

The point is, how can there be a question about Allen West's ability to take a punch? WHAT? This man has taken actual gunfire on the battlefield. You think he's worried about this woman spouting old, tired liberal claptrap? Hell no.

Larry Snowden

This lady has more baggage than Samsonite! Congressional District 22 just dumped one tax and spend liberal with a 98% Nancy Pelosi voting record, I don't know why Lois Frankel thinks the District would want to go backward. Allen West is a man of conviction and principle that is doing exactly what the district elected him to do in Washington. Frankel is a lifetime politician with a track record that is totally out of step with CD22.

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