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Humm so Jow wants the truth?
First he refers to Palin as a "quarter termer". Governors serve four year terms, a quarter term is 1 year! I haven't heard Joe blaze Obama for being "half term" U.S Senator. Nor has anyone yet mentioned the fact that Joe himself resigned from Congress prematurel­y and unexpected­ly yourself after a scandal!
And someone tell Joe... Palin endorsed Marco Rubio in the Florida primaries. Marco is a Tea Party chosen. Joe doesn't like the Tea Party.


I predict a lot more rank and file Republicans are going to get more vocal about her.
She's over-exposed and jumping the shark.
The reality show will create more fans but shrink her political support.


Several weeks ago Peggy Noonan wrote that Palin is a "nincompoop." Don't hold back, Peggy.


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